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Understanding Your Deposit

Please give 3 days for your deposit to be returned. 

Understand that I do not want to keep your deposit.  Keeping your deposit means I had to do extra work and clean up things that I do not want to.

I reserve the right to keep your deposit for a range of reasons- the expectations of how the building should be cleaned are clearly outlined in multiple places.

Understanding the deductions from your deposit:

Keys not returned same day: Full Deposit Forfeiture

Keys returned under a rug, planter or any other unsecured placed: Full Deposit Forfeiture

Door Left Unlocked: Full Deposit Forfeiture

Alcohol Served without Paying Cleaning fee: Full Deposit Forfeit

Trash left in the building: -$25 per full trash bag/ trip to dumpster

Trash thrown in trash can without a liner: Full Deposit Forfeiture

Balloon shreds outside- $50

Chairs not moved back into banquet room (if you bring your own chairs)  $65

Balloons thrown in trash without being popped- $15

Holes in wall/ damaged drywall: -$35 per incident

Damaged Chair: $-35 per incident

Damaged Table: This includes using the table as a cutting board.  -$70

Trash left in the parking lot: -$5 per piece of trash

Food/ Trash left in sinks: -$15

Large sticky spots on the floor- -$25 per spill

Trash left outside of the large dumster- $35

Hooks, nails, leftover tape not removed -$20 per item

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