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Vendor Instructions and Expectations


No nails should ever be used for your installations.  Please use clear command hooks for your balloon arches.  

There is a curtain rod at the "center' of the room.  The cream drapes should not be removed from the curtain rod- if you'd like to use that area but different drapes, there is a spare curtain rod.

There are 9 6ft rectangle tables and 3 6 round ft round tables.  These include all the tables in the building.  There are 100 Banquet style chairs.  These are heavily padded and the spandex, less expensive chair covers are very difficult to use.

Balloon arches should be completely deflated and thrown away.  They should never be popped outside because it's impossible to pick up all of the shreds and I will be heavily fined by the property.


Floor decals and wraps are not allowed- the floors were installed in a way that they can not withstand the removal and do massive damage to the flooring.


If you have opted to use other chairs, you will need to move the venue chairs into one of the 3 front areas (kitchen or reception area) They should not be stacked more than 5 chairs high.    The venue chairs should also be moved back into the large room at the end of your event.

Chairs should not be stacked at the end of your event.  It damages the padding, and I also can't see if any chairs need immediate cleaning when they are stacked.  Most importantly, stacking chairs leads to holes in the walls.

Please be mindful of leaving doors propped open.  Leaving any of the doors open leads to letting cool/ hot air in as well as letting bugs into the building- this makes the building uncomfortable for you and your client. 

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