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Hosting at Belle Haven

There are 9 6ft long tables, 3 6ft round tables and several smaller tables for gifts and desserts.  There are 100 banquet chairs in the building. 

There are 2 main entrances to the building, you can select whichever entrance fits your event.

Make sure your guests know where to go!  There are 2 Sheraton Drives in Macon, we are located just before Amerson River Park.  If you enter 2733 Sheraton Drive into your GPS it will bring you directly to the building.  

Please make sure that your caterer is familiar with the building.  There is a kitchen area, however it has a standard fridge and stove.  There is also a sink, however this is more of a warming kitchen and not suitable to fully prepare a meal. 


The total space is 2650 sq ft, the banquet hall is about 1600 sq ft.  This means that the max occupancy is about 100 seated.  You can host more if food is served out of the kitchen, or opt for a less formal cocktail hour. 

The bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper, napkins and hand soap.  I also make sure there are trash bags in each trash can as well as a handful of extra trash bags for your convenience

The dumspter is located in the top right corner of the parking lot if you are looking out of the back door towards the hotel.  Sometimes there are cargo vans that may block your view.  Please make sure the bags and trash are in the container, not scattered on or around the dumpster. 

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