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Hello!  Belle Haven Event Venue was created as an affordable, economical option for events in middle Georgia.  The building includes tables and chairs and kitchen access.  Please review the pricing and understand that these low rates do not include cleaning, nor do we set up the building for you.  We strive to provide a clean, simple, blank canvas for your party- this allows you to be as creative as you'd like.  Please keep this in mind when making requests. Belle Haven is not an upscale or luxury venue.  While we whole-heartedly love lavish parties and designs, accomplishing those goals will need to be done while keeping time and space constraints in mind.  


What are your prices?

Belle Haven does not have an hourly rate.  Each day is divided into a MORNING and EVENING time slot.  If you need more time to decorate, you will need to book the entire day.

Monday - Thursday: $100 day / $150 evenings, or $200 for the whole day.  I love to help other small businesses grow!  Interested in hosting classes, workshops or meetings?  Send me a message about bartering! 

Friday 8AM-4PM : $100; 4PM-until: $300;  or $375 for the whole day.  


Saturdays 8AM-4PM : $200 4PM- until:  $375or $475 if you'd rather have the space the entire day.

Sundays 8AM-4PM: $175 until 4PM; 4PM-until : $200 or $350 if you'd rather have the space the entire day.


A 40% retainer is due at booking. 

There is an $100 additional fee for any parties serving liquor alcohol.  This is due to the additional cleaning needed after most parties that serve liquor.

There is a $150 refundable deposit that will be returned if the building is properly cleaned and keys turned in. 

Calculating Your Total and Deposit

Base Rate + Any additional fees (cleaning, alcohol etc) + $150.00 deposit = TOTAL DUE x .40 = retainer due at booking

How do I book?

Message us about your dates, if it's available we will send you a contract.  A 40% retainer saves your date and the the remainder will be due 3 weeks before your event

When is your venue available?

The event venue is available any day of the week.  Send us a message with the date you have in mind as well as any back up dates.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible with availability.

Are tables and chairs included?

Yes, tables are included.  9 6ft long tables, 3 6ft round tables and several smaller tables for gifts and desserts.  There are 100 banquet chairs in the building.

Facility Cleaning

Cleaning is not included in your rental fee.  If you prefer to have our staff clean, we can provide an additional quote.  Take out all trash and dispose in the large dumpster across the parking lot.  Wipe down tables, clean up any spills.  Shut off stove and make sure all doors are locked.

Is there a kitchen?

There is a very large kitchen area available and included in your rental.  This space has a refrigerator and stove/oven as well as a sink.  These appliances are standard size and useful for warming up food and storing your dishes.  They are not however, suitable for a caterer to prepare the entire meal as there is is not a lot of counter space for working.  

When can we view the building?

The building is booked almost every single day of the week.  We do not allow viewings Friday- Sunday.   There is limited availability Monday - Thursdays.  We encourage you to view our walk through videos and the 360 degree tour. DO NOT attempt to enter the building without an appointment or approach on-site guests about booking.

The building does NOT have Wi-Fi, please make sure your DJ and photographer are aware so that they can make arrangements. 

When can I start decorating?

Please check with your host and determine when the event is booked.  You will not have access to the building prior to the slot that has been paid for.  Your booking starts at 8AM OR 4PM.  The building is not available before those time slots.  Not to decorate, not to drop off items etc.  The building stays booked FRI- SUN with a very small window between for our staff to clean and flip the building for the next event.

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