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Your Event is Almost Here

Entering the facility is automated, we have a digital lockbox and a code will be sent the day before your event via TEXT.  Here are a few helpful links to review as you plan your event!

Please avoid leaving the door propped open for long periods of time.  If I see the doors propped open, I will have the AC turned off until the doors are closed.  Leaving the doors propped lets flies in and the HVAC out.    


The dumpster is located across the parking lot from the back door.  If you look out of the back door, to your right you will see the large commercial dumpsters- they are located behind a pair of white commercial vans. 

Exiting the building

When your event is over and you are done with your party, your code to the lock box is still active.  The keys should be returned to the lock box.  If for some reason the lock box will not open- your other option is to drop it into the mail slot located directly under the gold Belle Haven sign.  It is never ok to leave the keys under a mat, in a planter or any other unsecured place.  

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